• Equipments of secure communication
  • for personal protection, special forces clothing
  • Security fence with razor wire
  • Drone operating system

Techpoint solutions are the key to complex needs and issues related to security. Always on the lookout for new technological developments, we provide our clients with the most suitable solutions for their current and future needs.

The point of technology in C4ISR Computerized Command. Control. Communication. Intelligence. Surveillance. Reconnaissance.

Founded in 2010, TECHPOINT is specialized in the sector of integrated innovative solutions in relation to security and protection of sensitive facilities and human life. Our solutions are mainly based on the latest technological advancements to satisfy special safety needs, increasingly demanding, and in continuous expansion and diversification. TECHPOINT is mainly run by a team of experts, graduates from the best security schools, or from the army. Its effectiveness, today, can confirm its positive reputation.  Nowadays, TECHPOINT is und..

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